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Empressive Farmer


Developed to share new ideas about regenerative agriculture, soil, and ecosystem health featuring experts in their respective fields.

Follow the series of live presentations or view them at your leisure below.

To participate in our live Empressive Farmer Educational Series webinars you can find upcoming information on our Education Events page.

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April 24, 2019 in Climate Change, Community, Environment, Trees

Adventure with Purpose

Is it possible to have amazing adventures and do good for the planet? Stein Retzaff and his brother Thor say, “YES!” World Tree was so inspired by their story, we…
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February 8, 2022 in Team

World Tree Grows with Enhanced Leadership

We are continuing the grow our team with experienced experts in their fields. These accomplished individuals will help guide World Tree through a period of expansion into new markets, and…
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November 5, 2020 in Climate Change, Empressive Farmer Series, Environment, Farmers, Trees, Videos

Healthy Soil: The key to crop resilience and farmer success

Empressive Farmer Webinar EP#1 - The Soil Sponge   If there is one thing that farmers everywhere are consistently concerned with, it is the weather. It seems that it is…
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January 13, 2020 in Climate Change, Community, Investments

Who did Reuben Krabbe grow up to be?

​Carbon neutral leader, impact investor in World Tree -- and one of Canada's top sports photographers by: Carrie L. Williams, S.E. Region News (SRN), USA   One of Canada’s top…
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November 4, 2019 in Farmers, Featured Farmers, Trees

Featured Farmer for November: David Chang

By Adam McClary, Farmer Support Team   This month’s featured farmer is David Chang (pictured below with wife Bonnie). I am excited for this interview because David is an exemplary…
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October 2, 2019 in Farmers, Featured Farmers, Trees

Featured Farmer October: Jason Humphries

Featured Farmer (October) By Adam McClary   Jason is a native to Alabama and is managing a 30-acre tree plantation around Selma, AL. He is a self-described family guy and…
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