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Institutional investors

The opportunity

Are you an institutional investor looking to deploy significant investment capital to impact climate change, deforestation and poverty? World Tree offers a powerful, natural solution to carbon sequestration and is built for scale.

Our team of foresters, scientists, carbon experts and business analysts are world leaders in Agroforestry systems based on the Empress Splendor tree. This fast-growing tree is a truly renewable resource. It regrows after harvest with replanting, producing strong/light hardwood in 8-12 year cycles.

Empress Splendor farms offer addition revenue potential through the carbon markets. Our upcoming Latin American projects include Empress Splendor-based farms, ranging in size from 1,000 to 100,000 acres. These projects allow investors to make truly measurable impacts on a full set of environmental, social and economic measures. Projects that not only impact carbon sequestration in a significant way, but also transform lives and communities.

Geographic focus

United States - Opportunity Zones

World Tree has been working with farmers in the Southeastern United States for the past five years. We are fostering incredible relationships and experience in planting, managing and harvesting Empress Splendor trees. We currently work with over 70 American farmers.

A number of the farms we work with were previously unproductive. This was often due to the use of nitrogen leaching crops such as cotton and pine trees.

Many of our current small farm project are located in Opportunity Zones.

Geographic focus

Latin America

Our Latin America Empress Splendor-based projects are designed to deliver the following:

  • Long term revenue from eco-timber production and shorter term from carbon credits
  • Integrated farming systems, intercropping with coffee, cacao, corn, plantains, teak and cattle
  • Measurable carbon drawdown
  • Reduced deforestation and protection of native forests
  • Economic opportunities, jobs and community prosperity
  • Investment in local schools, education, and reforestation projects
Geographic focus

Guatemala and Colombia

Projected Acres

This collaboration with a group of large Latin American coffee growers involves planting 5,000 acres Empress Splendor trees in Guatemala and 10,000 acres in Colombia in 2021 and 2022.

This project will be open for investment soon with investors receiving a significant share of profits from both the lumber and carbon credits generated on the farms.

Science and Technology

Measuring Impact

The Empress Splendor (Paulownia) tree is very different to other trees typically used in Agroforestry (such as pine, cedar and teak). Its fast growth rate and unique properties require specialist knowledge for proper growth and the production of high quality lumber.

World Tree’s farms are based on our exclusive collection of superior Paulownia genotypes. All trees are grown from tissue culture and we have established a strong supply chain of partners across North and Latin America.

World Tree has formed partnerships with foresters and researchers at Universities in North and Latin America to further develop our knowledge of best cultivars and growing practices.

In the field we use best-in-class forestry auditing software to monitor the trees, giving us detailed information on biomass accumulation, stand value and carbon sequestration rates.

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