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I am a believer in the need to get a handle on climate change to stop the events that are occurring around the world. I have an Aunt that lives in California and came close to the fires that occurred in California. Replacing the trees to restore the landscape is most essential in my book.

Kimberly F. KatzInvestor

i liked that the returns are more "real" than most investments that i have seen (i.e. based on a tangible product rather than speculation), and the impact on climate change is a huge bonus.

Sajad ZalzalaInvestor

I believe this will help improve our environment and business for the World tree and investment for me.

Ramesh PatelInvestor

I just love the idea of World Tree - good for the environment, good for the soil, good for the farmer, good for me as an investor, . . .

Brian MorrisInvestor


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