Eco-Tree Investment

A RegD investment opportunity for accredited investors only

An ethical eco-timber investment opportunity, meeting the demand for sustainable lumber

With potential profits in as little as 3 years, this unique forestry investment combines lumber and carbon to maximize potential economical and environmental returns


Offering Summary

The opportunity

Diversify with Foresty

Do you have lumber in your portfolio? Unless you are managing a pension fund or endowment the answer is probably no. While institutions have put over $40 billion into forestry projects over the last two decades, most investors have been unable to participate due to long hold times and high minimums.  

World Tree is changing the face of forestry investing with the Eco-Tree Program. Open to accredited investors, it provides an opportunity to invest in lumber and receive potential returns in as little as 3 years.  

World Tree is growing a hardwood, the Empress Splendor, to sell into the growing lumber market. The fast growth rate tree can be harvested in 10 years, and meanwhile produces revenues from carbon drawdown.  

Offering resources

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How to invest

Book an Appointment

The simplest way to invest is via World Tree’s online investment portal, hosted by Capital2Market. This secure online investment process will take you through all the steps from sign-up to payment.

Upon approval and acceptance of funds, you will be issued an electronic certificate to indicate your purchase into the Eco-Tree Program.


If you have questions or would prefer to speak with one of World Tree’s specialists you can schedule an appointment below.


Impact Investing

Investment Highlights

  • IRR of 2% on carbon offset sales after 3 years 
  • Predicted IRR of 19% in 10 years on lumber 
  • Investors receive the first return of capital to reduce investment risk 
  • Management team with over 6 million acres of forestry experience 

Impact Highlights

  • Superior carbon sequestration 
  • Multiple eco-system benefits including soil restoration 
  • Reduces deforestation by providing a sustainable alternative 
  • Supports farmers in 4 countries  
Lumber insights

Did You Know?

With supplies unable to keep pace with demand, the market pressure to find new sources of lumber is greater than ever. World Tree is meeting this demand by growing Empress Splendor (botanical name Paulownia) trees.

Unlike pine, which takes 25-30 years to reach maturity, Paulownia can be harvested in less than half that time. It also regenerates after harvest without replanting. With two crop rotations to pine’s one, Paulownia is a viable and renewable source of lumber. 

  • Lumber has increased in value by 3% more than inflation for nearly a century
  • Lumber has consistently out-performed the stock market 
  • Lumber demand is expected to double by 2050 
Director of Investor Relations

Meet Angela Burton

Angela has been with World Tree since inception and as a result of her extensive experience she can answer all of your questions about the Eco-Tree Program.

From growing the Empress tree, working with World Tree investors, and farmers, Angela can walk you through all there is to know about World Tree. If you have particular questions or simply want to learn more, we invite you to schedule a meeting with Angela below.

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