Leveraging the Power of Nature

Carbon Forestry

Reg D Offering for Accredited Investors

Invest in Eco-Timber

World Tree USA, LLC is offering investors the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Eco- Tree Program. This investment is predicted to produce profits within 3 years through the sale of carbon offsets and 10 years through the harvesting of sustainable lumber.

  • Timber investment, starting at $20,000
  • Returns in approximately 3 years from carbon and 10 years from timber
  • Over $8 million raised in previous rounds
  • Investors receive first return of capital
  • Investor premiums available for $500,000 invested or greater

Offering Terms

Offering Type …………  Reg D 506 (C)
Issuer ……………………   World Tree USA LLC
Security …………………   Series A Eco-Tree 2021 Units
Offering Size ………….  $25 million
Minimum ………………   $20,000
Closing date ……………  Jan 31, 2022
Tax reporting ………….  K1

The problem we solve

Why invest in trees?

Timber investing has attracted over $40 billion of institutional capital over the last 20 years. This private asset class has historically not been tightly linked to the stock markets, and has increased in value 3% higher than inflation for the last 90 years. Strong returns are linked to escalating demand in the face of diminishing supplies of hardwood. However these economic drivers are also driving deforestation and causing a cascade of negative impacts on the environment.

The core problem is that trees take a long time to grow. If we are to meet the global demand for lumber we have to find a new approach.

World Tree plants fast-growing Empress Splendor trees in a managed setting. The trees produce hardwood in just 10 years, much faster than other hardwoods.

The rapid growth rate is fueled by a very efficient form of photosynthesis. Empress trees capture significant amounts of carbon (15-30 tons/acre/year) which we are also monetizing.

World Tree is producing eco-lumber to meet the needs of an $80B market. With profits in as little as 3 years, this unique forestry program combines lumber and carbon to maximize potential economical and environmental returns.

“The only investable idea I have real confidence in is farming and forestry... Make the farming more sustainable and the forestry more sustainable, and everyone benefits.”

- Jeremy Grantham, billionaire timber investor

Carbon Income Potential 2%

Carbon sales and revenue expected within 3 years.
Nature-based, high quality offsets for higher prices.
Investors receive 50% of the profits from carbon credits.
Anticipated yield of 15-30 metric tons CO2 per acre.

Results not guaranteed

Lumber Profit Potential 19% IRR

Lumber is sold after harvest at 8-12 years.
Investors receive a pro-rata share of profits from all 2021 Tree Farms.
Investors receive their return of capital + 25% of profits.
IRR is estimated based on 75% survival of the planted trees.

Results not guaranteed.

Keys to Success


World Tree aims for at least 75% survival across our tree farm locations.

The example here shows the impact of survival on potential returns.


Yield per acre varies between 15,000 and 30,000 board feet.

The example here is based on 22,000 bf.


Price depends on quality and finish and currently ranges from $3 - $14 per bf.

The example here is based on $6 per board foot.

Potential return to the investor

This graph shows potential returns to an investor based on a 10 acre investment based on various success factors. Returns are based of lumber only (carbon is additional).
Investors receive first return of capital (indicated by the dotted line). This means that investors receive whatever they invested plus their share of the profits.



Musical Instruments

Exceeds acoustic vibration parameters and does not warp over time

Marine Applications

Light, strong, buoyant and highly water-resistant. Resistant to delamination due to water exposure

Wooden Furniture

High strength-to-weight ratio, displays finishes beautifully, and does not warp or crack over time

Finishing Materials

Light weight and high insulating qualities Resistance to warping, mold and moisture

Wood Veneers

Peeled at a thickness of less than 1mm, when most other veneers are peeled at thicknesses 2mm or above

Board Sports

Water resistant, light weight yet strong


A light yet strong hardwood that's easy to work with


Stains and finishes to perfection


Peels to a paper-thin 1/32"

Risk management

Protecting your investment

Weather, farm failure, crop damage are all risks that could impact investment returns. To protect against these issues, World Tree plants across many different farm locations spread across four countries: United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Investors receive a pro-rata share of any profits generated across all tree planting locations. 

World Tree selects Eco-Tree farmers using a rigorous screening process. Farmers must complete a series of online program training materials, and farm locations are assessed on the basis of temperature, rainfall, elevation and topography with a full walk through and soil testing performed. Farmers must demonstrate that their land is fully prepared for planting prior to any trees being sent.

Once the trees are planted they are monitored by World Tree’s Forestry team. We have on the ground teams in each region, who visit the growers regularly to evaluate tree performance and make course corrections as necessary.

All investments carry risks and we advise you to read our Private Placement Memorandum so you can fully understand both the risks and rewards with this investment.

Future Farm Plan 2022+


Investors receive pro-rata profit sharing from tree farms spread across 4 countries.


Funds are set aside to replace up to 30% of the trees in the first two years.


Growing sites are visited regularly and receive four full audits during the harvest cycle.

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Angela Burton is World Tree's Director of Investor Relations. As a board member of the American Paulownia association and one of World Tree's longest standing team members, Angela can answer all your questions.

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Diversify your portfolio with forestry and receive potential returns in as little as three years.

(A RegD investment opportunity for accredited investors only)

Reg D Investment for Accredited Investors

How to Participate

World Tree is currently open for investment in our 2021 Eco-Tree Program.

If you have questions or would like to review our PPM we invite you to speak with someone on our team. We would also be happy to connect you with a Registered Investment Advisor from one of the companies that carry our Offering.


"The above discussion contains forward-looking statements reflecting our current expectations that involve risks and uncertainties. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terminology such as “may,” “will,” “would,” “should,” “expect,” “plan,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “future,” “intend,” “could,” “hope,” “predict,” “target,” “potential,” or “continue” or variations of these terms, the negative of these terms or other similar expressions. Actual results and the timing of events may differ materially from those contained in these forward-looking statements due to a number of factors, including those discussed in our Investment Brochure."