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Meet Your Neighbor: Regional Farmer Meetups

Featured Areas and Dates:

Northern Florida:  Thurs, Jan 14th, 6 PM (EST). REGISTER

Georgia:  Fri, Jan 15th, 6 PM (EST). REGISTER

Alabama:  Sat, Jan 16th, 10 AM (CST).  REGISTER

These special webinars include the program introduction included with our regular New Future for Farmers webinars, but will also will feature farmers already enrolled in our program from your area. They will share their experiences and answer all your questions. This will be a fabulous opportunity to decide if World Tree’s program is a fit for you and your farm. This includes:

  • What are benefits of growing trees, and why the Empress?
  • What does it take to grow Empress trees successfully?
  • What are the potential costs and profits from participating in the program?
  • What is Empress lumber used for and how much does it sell for?
  • How do I qualify as a World Tree farmer?

Contact with any questions.

women farmers

Webinar: World Tree Women in Farming

Thurs, Jan 21st, 7 PM (EST)

Did you know World Tree is a female-founded company, and that a growing number of our farmers are women?  Some of them operate their farm on their own and others as part of a family or group, but all of them demonstrate the exemplary skills and determination to be first-class farmers and serve as role models for other farmers.

The latest census numbers from 2017 indicate up to 38% of US farmers are owned and/operated by women, a 6% increase from 2012. This trend is encouraging, and probably still does not reflect all the women who work behind the scenes supporting their partners and families in running the family farm. Another recent statistic states that half of agricultural school enrollment is now female – a strong indication that more women are interested in farming as a career.

Not just for women, this webinar is open to anyone interested in overcoming barriers to living a dream of joining the sustainable agriculture movement, regardless of gender, race, or abilities. We’ll cover the basics of the World Tree Eco-Tree Farmer Program, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the amazing women of World Tree.

This is guaranteed to be a lively and inspiring discussion!

Contact with any questions.

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